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+TAURO is the result of a superhuman collection of hobbies by a media, music & design enthusiast. It futures stuff like awesome music, mixes, art/design and a little bit of a blog. Generally I like to create a little sphere of awesome and a bit of brain filling like TV normally does to you. Only this time we fill it with rad, sexy and awesome things instead of stupid cunts like snooki, 16&pregnant and america's next top model/idol/politician.

In short: +TAURO = Music, Art, Design/Clothing, Hotness and a blog.

Ghost Loft is an artist with many faces, but they’re all poker. With that I mean that he has many pages, and none tells you anything but his music. Which is entirely free by the way. And that is of course a major plus. I would buy his stuff. It’s fantastically mastered.

Anyway there isn’t much I can tell you about this guy (or girl?) except that he’s from Los Angeles, US. And he’s bringing those vibes all the way to the rainy plains where I live. His music has a melancholic feel to it that you find mostly in future-garage and post-dubstep. It’s layered on top of a somewhat R&B beat. 

The modern version of the glassy pads people used to love in the eighties flow along with the soft vocals so smoothly. Then there are the dorky synth stabs -which kinda remind me of the ‘The Falls’ album Gorillaz released a while ago- carefully layed out along the beat which gives it a bit of a rhythm and musical entity that makes it still enjoyable to listen to. It’s not just ‘wallpaper music’ in which you play it on the background and not really listen to it. As calm as it is, it keeps your attention and makes you wanna listen to more. 

I can feel the emotions running through the tracks, but they make me happy as fuck. I can see this guy growing big in ‘the scene’. It’s definitely gonna take a year or two at minimum before this type of real, heartfelt and easy music is gonna get big and popular worldwide. Or maybe it’ll never. Let’s just hope it’s gonna be the last. We don’t wanna see this get raped like dubstep is getting raped right now. 

Without further ado, enjoy Ghost Loft. I certainly do.

Sadly, BLOW has reached the download limit. But there’s still these two:
Download Slow Down Time
Download Seconds

His Soundcloud. His Bandcamp. His Personal Website.

- Matador

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